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Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carriers
 can make you Homeless


In 2015, Senator Al Franken, a Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on Employment, Workplace Safety and the Senate HELP Committee along with 9 other Senators and Congressmen were not very happy with the workers’ compensation system as it stood.

They expressed their concerns to Secretary of Labor, Thomas E. Perez in a Letter dated October 20, 2015 about the pattern of detrimental changes to state workers’ compensation laws and how the laws are enforced by those who commit fraud upon the system, resulting in a  shift of costs to government agencies to assume the financial burden.

imageWorkers’ Compensation Company’s who undertake practices of fraud by way of falsifying documents and fabricating evidence is only two of the  methods used to increase the bottom line while “playing the float”.

Insurance Company’s commit fraud as a routine course of business to shift their financial responsibility to local, state and federal agencies like, Social Security Disability, Welfare, Medicaid and even the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and others while increasing their profits as a result of these and other fraudulent common practices. In using the generally accepted accounting principles or GAAP, the fraudulent actions by the insurance carrier increases their bottom line.

But not for these willful, wanton and fraudulent practices, injured workers would Not fall homeless.


“The Demolition of the Workers’ Comp”

Michael Grabell, ProPublica and Howard Berkes, NPR
March 4, 2015


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