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The film is a true story of a professional photographer who takes on a 7-year battle against a workers’ compensation insurance carrier after a serious injury which left him with a permanent disability. His  journey involves conspiracy by an inexperienced attorney and the carrier’s representative to defraud the court of his claim.

The attorney was young and desperate to prove herself after failing the BAR exam several times. She bounces from job to job before passing the Bar and joining a workers’ compensation Law Firm. In her desperation and her first case, she conspires with the carrier’s representative to commit fraud by willfully misrepresenting and fabricating evidence in the case. Her actions were a vague attempt to drag the injured worker through mud to cast doubt on his credibility to his claim in order to win.

As the attorney finds her case slipping away, she discovers the state fraud inspector general is filing a 14-felony-count inditement against the carrier. Fearing she’s next, in a desperate move, she calls the DA’s office. Years ago when she interned at the DA’s office, the DA was caught up in a scandal for having inappropriate sexual relationships with interns. As we discover, she knew something never revealed and was holding this secret over the DA. She calls in the favor and surprisingly the DA refuses to prosecute.


After loosing his case, he devised a scheme to get them into court.  With the use of a Web-blog he created and through social media such as, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, he lures them into a trap to expose them for their willful and fraudulent acts that left him homeless and penniless. His blog reaches more than 11,500,000 views in less than 6-months and the trap works. They sue him for 5-million dollars in state court. He files to have the case removed to federal court, knowing they wouldn’t be able to influence the court with their money, power and political connections.

What he didn’t know, was the carrier, with deep endless pockets, would do anything to keep their money. His journey becomes dark and at times, he fears for his life. He knows he’s being followed and his phone is tapped. He feels that someone is watching him wherever he goes and even thinks someone has been in his house when he’s not there. But he will not give up and bunkers down for the fight of his life.

Conspiracy, computer hacking, taping of private phone conversations, video surveillance, the fabrication of evidence, removing and destroying evidence, falsifying documents, making false police reports and presenting false and fabricated documentation to a senior judge make up this thrilling adventure into the dark side of the insurance industry and one man’s fight to prove his innocence while exposing insurance carriers and attorneys for their willful fraudulent activities.

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