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Author, Jennifer Ann Dennis, tells the true story of one individual’s workplace injury and what happened within the Workers Compensation System. It tells how he was forced to fight his case against an insurance company which had denied his claim, alleging fraud.

His story is typical of thousands of injured workers who are falsely accused of fraud each year and highlights the unethical and illegal methods which some companies use to deny benefits to claimants.

The injured worker was denied benefits including vital medical care for 11-months and was made homeless based on a technicality. When he eventually received expenses and medical care, the insurance company further denied his rights by making false allegations to deny payments. Unable to afford an expensive attorney to fight a civil case, he turns to the power of social media to lure the insurance company into court in order that their lies and manipulations could be exposed and the truth be recognized. His web-Blog attracted over 11.5 million views, which the insurance company could not ignore.

It is a chilling and frightening account of the lengths to which a rich and powerful company will go to protect their money, including methods of personal surveillance, lying to a trial and a senior judge and making false police reports in order to discredit him personally by falsifying documents. It also includes 14-felony charges which the New York State Fraud Inspector General identified against the insurance company and their attorneys. When the injured worker wrote his complaint against the carrier and attorney’s, his document was fast tracked onto the fraud inspector’s desk.

There are legal accounts of fraud, misrepresentation and deceit which the reader is encouraged examine, but if you would rather not bother with such detail there is plenty of drama to engage with.

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